Stuff White People Like

June 28, 2008

I thought this blog entry from Stuff White People Like was worth posting. This is one of very few blogs that I actively follow. I’m interested to see how many white cliches I fall under. So far, not all that many, which is surprising given the suburban Chicago community that I grew-up in, my education, and job.

#27 Marathons

I’ll have to remember to raise my hands over my head in triumph at the finish!


3 Responses to “Stuff White People Like”

  1. Laura said

    I fall into SO many of the categories they come up with. I am the whitest white girl there is :)

  2. denmark1982 said

    Hey – great site and reviews. Re: your expenses so far – Wow that’s a lot! Do you mind me asking how come your gym membership is so expensive. I know NYC is an expensive place to live, but $139 / month still seems excessive. Other than that you sound like one of the best equipped runners out there – no excuses for lack of kit!

    I also just purchased a Forerunner 405 – will let you know how I get on.


  3. Michael said

    Brian, glad you like the site. You’re right about the gym — Equinox is expensive, even for New York. However, it’s nicer than most other chains and there’s a location right near where I live. The expenses do add up over time. I started the year with a pair of shorts and shirt. As you can see from the expense list, a good amount of the spend was on clothing which will hopefully last me a while. Definitely write a comment on my FR405 review posting regarding your experience with the watch, I’d be interested to hear your opinion of it.

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