Foot fault

February 25, 2008

The “tweaked foot” as I called it before has kept me from running for SEVEN days — unacceptable! After an initial misdiagnosis, Dr. Michael now says it’s an abductor hallucis strain. (It hurts most when I push down at the top of my arch just below the small bone protrusion on my left foot.)

I resumed lifting and spin class in the middle of the week and walking in more recent days, but this is something I never want to experience again. As you can imagine, I read endless websites on foot injuries that caused me more than one cold sweat. I’m really thankful I may entirely escape this injury and not have it reoccur. It happened early in the season and wasn’t running-related; once my foot heals I hope everything will be back to normal. I’ve been keeping it taped and otherwise not doing anything too adventurous, like yoga!

Injuries are nothing new to me. Having played indoor and beach volleyball for many years, injuries — especially foot/ankle injuries — happen all the time. (I’d say volleyball ranks alongside tennis as the most injury-prone sport where you’re never actually contacting your opponent.)

For whatever reason, I have never cared to get back to running as much as I do now. This morning I ran with my foot taped for 25 minutes at my normal pace without compensating my stride.


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