My first yoga class

February 16, 2008

I figured that if yoga was good enough for Tom Brady, it was good enough for me. Today at Equinox I tried yoga class for the first time.

My experience with yoga was so new/interesting/unusual that I feel like I might be spoiling it for others writing about it here. The instructor was tipped off that I was new right away by my problems opening the door — how could I have known it was sliding?

Required class materials were a yoga mat, foam block, and colorful blanket, all which were neatly stacked against the wall. The class started with the instructor offering a prayer-like testament to honor President’s Day. Then the class chanted after the instructor in a mystical language. Amazingly, it seemed most everyone knew the words. The instructor progressed into a series of yoga poses; those poses I remember include “Downward Dog,” “Plank,” and “Warrior I”. When I wasn’t spying on what my neighbors were doing, I managed to align my spine, neck, and legs as required, but aligning my soul will certainly take more practice. I just went with the flow.

Obviously I didn’t get very much out of the class, but I can’t discount yoga entirely. Just as with running, it’d be foolish to expect benefits right away, especially when as unprepared as I was. I did find some of the stretches interesting and potentially relaxing. The real question is whether my one hour of time might have been better spent running or lifting. Maybe Tom Brady can help me out with my poses and I can show him how to handle the Giants’ defense.

Later on, sometime between yoga and an evening walk, I managed to tweak my foot. Dr. Scholl’s Arch Supports: -$10.99.


One Response to “My first yoga class”

  1. do you still do yoga? I had my first class today.. my experience was pretty similar. Still deciding whether or not to go to another class myself..

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