Not much to love

February 13, 2008

Let me just say it, I don’t love running and I maybe never will. Running is monotonous, solitary, sometimes painful, and requires significant time dedication. This list is not exhaustive.

When I tell friends about my marathon ambitions, the first question is typically “Why??” I hope to provide a well-constructed argument soon; for now, it’s because running is hard. Ironically, all the reasons I dislike running are the reasons why I do it. If marathon running was easy, it wouldn’t be worth my time.

It’s hard to imagine running for hours at a time, so I hope there’s some trick. There’s probably good reason why books on motivation and books on running are paired together.

Running can be made fun, like the real kind. When I lived in Stockholm, Sweden, near my apartment was a long winding dirt trail that dove between trees and flirted with the water’s edge. The trail had blind corners, rocks, steep elevation changes, and embankments. Everyday I’d try to run it faster and the fancy footwork kept it interesting. Trails are to running what moguls are to skiing – amazing!

Love it or hate it, in the end – we’ve all experienced it – the satisfaction from completing a long hard run is incredible.


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