Ballroom dancing ends

February 9, 2008

Today I officially ended dancing with the Columbia Ballroom Dancing Team to make room for running. Yes, it was a trade-off and there was no way around it. Ballroom dancing was a hobby I picked-up as a graduate student and continued last semester as an alum. Having had no prior experience, it was fun learning as many as eight Standard and Latin dances concurrently and traveling for competitions at east coast schools.

I just didn’t have the heart to continue dancing any longer. Now that I’m working full-time, it was too exhausting to come home from lessons and practice after midnight three or more nights a week and have to wake up early for work the next morning.

The bigger issue was that ballroom follows a 12-week semester with a long winter and summer breaks in between. It was in all the time I had during this past winter break that I joined the gym and started running. When spring semester started in January, I lost the desire to practice knowing very well that ballroom will end in a few months, my partner will move home, and I’ll again have a void in my schedule.

I met a lot of great people on the Columbia team, especially my partner, Ksenia. Who’s going to embarrass you dancing Soulja Boy now?


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