Joining Equinox

February 6, 2008

I joined Equinox in December 2007 because my Columbia University affiliation was expiring, or at least that was the official reason. To be clear, I never went to the Columbia gym anyway. Taking the subway three stops is just too much overhead for a workout.

At $139 per month, Equinox membership is a significant reoccurring expense but definitely relevant to my running. I’m sure I’ll mention Equinox many times over the next few months.

Not everything in Manhattan is this expensive; Equinox is significantly more money than any of the three gyms within four streets of my apartment building. Equinox is newer and nicer than the others, but I joined it primarily because it is very close to where I live.

There are many other ways to rationalize the premium membership. The most convincing way is to highlight that because Equinox is so close, I work out much more often than I would a club a few streets away. Per visit, not only is the cost lower, but the experience is better. Easy.

Aside: The Equinox chain of gyms was in December acquired by The Related Companies, a private real estate development company whose most notable project was the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle in New York City. The Related Companies’ founder, Chairman and CEO, and large-stake owner is Stephen M. Ross who in 2004 donated $100M to what is now known as the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the school that I attended. I like to think my membership dollars are going to a good cause…eh, somehow.


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