History of Running

February 4, 2008

I thought I’d write the inaugural blog post on how I got to today — my experiences as a runner.

As a child, I developed very strong hand-eye coordination and so athletics came naturally to me, especially throwing. My brother and sister were equally able and we played sports all the time. I was a first-round gym class draft pick and played on several school teams starting in middle school. By way of other sports I became a strong runner so much that the high school track coach tried to recruit me, but I could not leave “my sport” volleyball.

I had no college athletics aspirations at any level; education was the priority. As an undergrad at the University of Michigan, I started lifting weights and became a steady recreational runner. In 2006 I began running more seriously and even trained with a running club, but when I was accepted to Columbia University for graduate school in June of that year it all hastily ended.

One week after being admitted to Columbia, I had quit my job, moved out of my New York City apartment, and was on a plane to Europe for a three and a half-month vacation. In a hurry! When I returned to New York in the fall, I was way too busy with school to think about running. In training, my longest run was 8 miles.

After joining Equinox in December, it became apparent running could be relevant reason for spending so much time at the gym. With some encouragement from trainer Katie, I signed-up for New York Road Runners ($40) and registered for the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run ($35). Now after finishing my third race, I decided I was mentally and physically ready for the challenge of a marathon. And started this blog.


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